Wlliam H Allen

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Born 24 September 1860 Died c.1941

Married ~ Florence Handley May 25 1885
Handsworth Parish Church

Born 24 September 1860 in Fletcher Building, Icknield Street East the only son of Sara Bray and William Allen a Master Baker. In 1875, aged 14 he started working with Thomas Marsh of 131 Great Hampton Street as an apprenticed engraver. He stayed in Iknield Street with his uncle James next door until his marriage when he moved to Roland Rd and had his first 3 children and then to Crompton Street. The witnesses at his marriage were Emma White (Florence's aunt and George Edward Chriur) He was a Birmingham Silversmith and also in business, Allen and Smith, (Brierley Street Birmingham) as an electroplater. During the war he continued trying to sell luxury goods but the market had changed and he went bankrupt, the distres of this sent him to drink for a while but he pulled himself out of the depression and continued as an electroplater. By 1940 he was living with Florence and Neville at 'Cairo', Sutton Oak Rd, Sutton Coldfield and eventually died in an old peoples home in Quinton.