Thomas Margrett

Born 30 October 1843 Gloucester Died 1 April 1915 Windsor, Harrow.
Occupation: Ironmonger
Married: Julia Ann Weaver (photo above) June 1866 Gloucester

Born in Gloucester the daughter of Thomas Margrett and Elizabeth Cave. Both his parents were employers and he must have had a relatively affluent upbringing. In 1871 he was married to Julia Anna Weaver from Langdon, Worcestershire living in a private house in Sonning Berks with his children Frank Weaver (24/4/1867), Henry Ernest and Herbert James (1870). By 37 years old he had a change of direction and was running the Kings Head Hotel in Egham High Street, Windsor (the only child living with him and his wife at this stage was Albert E Margrett aged 9). What happened next is uncertain but by 1891 he was living alone, working as an ironmonger again and lodging with the Boyce family in Station Rd Egham, a family he lived with until his death. His 2 sons Herbert (who took holy orders) and Sidney are both said to have left Gloucester where they were born, at the age of about 17 to find work in Argentina. From that courageous step there is a Margrett family living in Argentina to this day.

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