Thomas Instone

Born: 2 July 1861 Died: July 1941
Occupation: Assistant Superintendent Class II Post Office, Birmingham.
Married Maude Mary Lang 14 April 1884 Woolborough Devon

Born in 1861 in 10 Cromwell St, Aston, Birmingham the son of Thomas Instone, a policeman, and Emma Hales, he lived with his 3 older sisters Elizabeth, Emma A and Alice M and his younger siblings Alfred, Emily, Clara and Rosa. They had moved to the back of 7 Smith Street, Aston by 1871 and to 154 Cooksey Rd Small Heath where Emily died in November 1881 aged 15 from TB.

In 1884 aged 22 he married Maude in 1884 in Woolborough, Devon with the witnesses to the wedding being Cora Match Lang her sister and John Tucker. The married couple moved around a great deal at the beginning of their life together, presumably to accommodate an ever increasing family. 58 Kyotts Lake Road 1884-1890, 132 St Pauls Rd, Kings Norton, Balsall Heath 1890-1895, 23 Fernley Road Sparkhill (below left), 12 Fernley Road 1904-1911 (below right) and then, from 1911, Adria Rd (bottom below left) where they settled and brought up their children. His parents by this time had moved down the road to 22 Cooksey Rd and then to 5 Harris Rd (bottom below right, Aston where his mother was very ill for 18 months and finally died in 1898 from meningitis aged 66.

Thomas was a strict father and brought his 7 sons up with a rod of iron and although his family were comfortably off (his anual income being £424.50 per annum in 1920 which was £260 basic pay plus £164.50 war bonus) cash was quite tight and the pantry was always locked to prevent the boys from eating them out of house and home. They did however have enough money to go on holiday to the Canary Isles and bring back presents for the grandchildren and live in quite a nice house. Thomas most probably worked for James Jinks who was the Chief Superintendent at the PO at the same time as he was and having worked there all his life he retired early due to poor health (in 1918 he had 155 days off for illness) aged only 43. this must have put a lot of pressure on the family as he still had 4 sons under the age of 16, Alec was only 3.

He died, aged 80, at Selly Oak Hospital on 16 September 1941 from basal pneumonia, prolonged invalidism and alcoholism; in his will he left everything (except the house) divided into 8 parts between his 6 remaining children, Lewis' widow Gertrude and his sister Clara.