Susan Ricketts

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Born 28 July 1828 died 14 December 1895
Occupation, Dressmaker
Married John Jinks October 29 1849 at St Philips Church ~ Birmingham

Suzannah Ricketts was born in 1823 in Birmingham, the daughter of Thomas Ricketts, a labourer and Mary Ann. She married John Jinks in 1849 when he was 26 working as a labourer and living in Coleman Street; witnesses at their wedding were Mary Ann Edwards and Robert Wilson. By the birth of their first son James on March 23 1851 her husband had become a policeman, a job he was to have for the rest of his life according to the census returns but in 1874 at the marriage of James his occupation was down as a labourer again.

He and Susan had their first son James in 1851 but no other children arrived until John Thomas was born in 1864 some 13 years later and then quickly after Albert and Mary. No records of infant deaths can be found between the 2 eldest children but there was a baby (William George) born in 1865 who died 15 August 1866 at Coleman Street from Marasmus (literally wasting away) Matilda Ratford was present at the death. John died 19 June 1881 at home in Vale Place aged 60 from softening of the brain (dementia) for over 12 months and she was present at the death.

Susannah lived another 14 years bringing up her 3 young children with her eldest son James living next door, and moving to Rupert Street by 1891; She finally died aged 67 from Bronchitis that she had had for 8 months followed by a cerebral haemorage and 1 day coma. Her daughter Mary Ann (Ward) was there in attendance at 144 Nechells Place presumably sitting at her bedside all day hoping for signs of recovery.