Maria Margrett


Born 25 December 1841
Married: Lewis Ford June 27 1861 aged 19
Died: 24 September 1870 from Enteric fever (Typhoid) at Bristol Road South Hamlet aged 28 years


Born in Gloucester the daughter of Thomas Margrett and Elizabeth Cave. Both her parents were employers and she must have had a relatively affluent upbringing. In the 1861 census she was working as an assistant for her mother and in the following June she maried Lewis Ford (Jan 26,1838) a slate marble merchant from Gloucester.

Their life together was short as by 28 September 1870 she had died leaving from enteric fever; leaving behind her husband and 4 children Clara M (8), Florence E (7) Herbert L (2) and Charles E Ford (a baby) and not on the 1871 census. His unmarried sister Harriet came and moved in as housekeeper in their house at Russell Place Bristol Road.

I suspect Lewis moved to Birmingham and formed Ford and Margrett, manufacturers of marble mantle pieces, with his brother in law Frederick as in 1891 he can be found living at 67 Grantham Rd Aston with his new wife Anna, Herbert and Charles. The poor man was widowed yet again and in 1901 aged 66 was living alone at 67 Grantham Rd, Aston. At some stage he must have returned to his roots as he died in Gloucester in 1910 aged 75.

1871 census

1871 census

1881 census

Anna Smith (widow - nee Pile) married Lewis Ford (widower) on Jan 18, 1875 at Brixton St John the Evangelist.

Ann Pile is her mother who I suspect is the annuitant below but where are Lewis and Anna?

1871 census

1891 Census

1891 census