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Gertrude was born in Birmingham the summer of 1886 the daughter of John and Caroline Somers. By 1901, at the age of 14, her occupation was given as 'warehouse'. Her elder brother, Archibald, was a jeweller,the family lived in Handsworth for much of her life.

Lewis and Gertrude had 2 children Lewis and Marjorie. After Lewis' death the family returned to the UK and lived at Adria Road for a while with Thomas and Maude. Maude found the children very hard work and the trauma of losing her husband had thrown Gertrude into her studies to be a midwife so she had little time for her unruly offspring who were barely toilet trained and eventually they went to live with Reg’s wifes mother (Mrs Emma Maria Carlisle). Gertrude became a district nurse in Birmingham and was mentioned in a book about Ladywood as being an important midwife in the area. In 1920 she was living there at 26 Wood Street.

Lewis Archibald Instone
born 17 April 1909 died 17 September 1960
married Gladys Ada Dale 12 May 1934 Brentford
Occupation Bank Manager

Served in World War II, he entered as a private and rose to be a major in the Royal Ordinance Corp spending most of the war in India. Returned to England in 1946 moving into 54 Clysedale Road Quinton but found the transition to civvie street very difficult after the rather pampered life of an officer. He returned to banking and was killed in a road accident. He was returning from the bank on a bike and was thrown under a lorry dying instantly.
      James (14 February 1936 died August 1936)
      the twin of John, died from a digestive complaint at about 6 months

      John Lewis (13 February 1936~ died 30 December 1990) married Nita Timmins (14 February 1933)
      Born weighing 2lbs 15oz. Birmingham University studying Technical Engineering, graduated with a 2/2. Worked as contracts manager       with the Steel Industry. Died suddenly from a heart attack on December 21.
           Fiona Jane 15/1/1963 married Sven Hahn
           Studied mechanical engineering at Manchester graduated with a 2/1. Joined Unilever and travels the world as a food advisor.                Now lives in Dresden Germany

           Simon John 26/4/1965 married Joanna Crouch
           Studied Civil Engineering graduated with a first, worked for civil engineering consultants for several years .
           Studied accountancy became senior Consultant finances

           Alexander Thomas 10/11/94
           Joshua Lewis 14/4/97

      Christine Mary (born 1939 ~ died 1995) married Anthony John Cox
                 Alison Heather 1965 married Paul Cooper Martin 1968

Marjory Instone (1911) married Alf Miller

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