Frank Allen

Born 28 November 1899 ~ Died: 26 February 1956

Occupation: Works Manager Allen & Smith ~ Flight Lt RAF

Frank was born in 1900 the 7th child of William and Florence spending his childhood in Handsworth and going to Holy Trinity School, Birchfield. He worked in the family business from the age of 14 until he joined the RFC as a cadet on 8/1/18 when just 19 years old WW1

Frank's war story was that a bullet came up through his aircraft, through his boot, up his trouser leg through the arm of his flying jacket and out, completely missing his body. His nephew remembers seeing the boot, which was given to his mother Gladys who made it into chaps for her son Norman.

He stayed on in the Forces until 1919 when he came back into civvie life, again working for the family business Allen & Smith as works manager until the beginning of the 2nd World War war in 1939. In 1954 he returned to civvie street yet again and with both his parents now dead and their house sold he needed somewhere to live so he lodged with his nephew Brian at 9 Salisbury Rd, Mosley until Brian wanted to use his bedroom to convert to an additional dental surgery for his practice. Allen and Smith had gone been forced into liquidation and no longer existed so he got a job in Housing management working for the Birmingham Corporation He lodged in Kings Heath for a while and then moved into lodgings at 14, Elinfield Cresent, Mosley, Birmingham. In 1956 Frank went into hospital with stomach pains and never came out dying at the age of 57 from cancer of the bowel.

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