Emily Thompson

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I think born at 16 Grant Street in October 1851 the daughter of a publican
John Thompson however although the Thompson family of Grant St are there
in the census there is no Emily in 1861 only an Emma. Anecdotally, before her
marriage, she lived in Belgrave Rd Balsall Heath and although no evidence
can be found on the census returns of the family living there, in 1881 there
were 3 Thompson families living in Belgrave St Balsall Heath one of them
John b.1850 living with his wife and step-son, maybe this was her brother and she lived with him? At the time of her marriage to James in 1874 she appears to have been living with her sister Ellen (now married to Robert Toney March quarter 1862) and her elder brother Charles, Emily and James' residence was written as 'of this parish' on the marriage certificate so this is no help in confirming if this is her or not. Neither of Emilys parents were witnesses at her wedding. John and Harriet appear to have had 13 children who, to make things difficult, kept changing thier names and, presumably because of the size of the family in 1871 5 of his children seem to have been boarding elsewhere if the census returns below are for the right families.

James died in 1911 after a few weeks holiday in Ostend whilst sitting on the train in front of her and her 2 daughters; he had suffered a heart attack 3 years before and the doctors thought he had never truly recovered.

Jinks girls

en Jinks Tree

Born 1 October 1851

Married James Jinks
April 28 1874
St Mathews Parish Church Aston