Arthur Instone

Born c.1889
Occupation, Mechanic, engineers toolmaker.
Married: Kate c1940

Arthur was born in Kings Norton the 4th son of Thomas and Maud from 12 the rest of his childhood was spent at 23 Fernley Road Sparkhill until, aged 23 the family moved to Adria road where he was to spend the rest of his life. He was an engineer - and anecdotally a bit dim with a huch back (very common according to other Instone family members!).

After his parents death in the 40's he continued living at Adria Road with Stanley and apparantly married his housekeeper in his 50’s. He suffered with poor health and Paul remembers him working at Digbeth (aged 40 ish) as a frail chain smoking hunched man having to stop for breath every few steps. He died at home in Adria Road on 27 October 1952 aged 64 from chronic myocardial degeneration, arteosclerosis and atrial fibrillation the informant to his death being his brother Stanley.