Alec Instone

Born June Quarter 1901 Solihull
Occupation, Travelling Salesman.
Married Elsie Kemble (Babs) October quarter 1930

Worked in the office at Langstone as a partner from the age of 18 and did some designing; Bernard was very traditional and Alex preferred a more modern approach designing some very commercial metal figurines (below) Bernard didn’t approve wanting to stick to the traditional design ethic he was familiar with and this caused much tension between them. He married Babs when he was 29 and had no children. From 1931 he lived in Hall Green at 89 Sherwood Rd and then, in the 1950’s, he and his wife decided to up sticks and run a hotel in Exmouth.

On 28 July 1944, his brother Bernard wrote to the College of Goldsmiths saying " brother - my sole remaining 'staff' - must be moved to other employment. My brother has been with me since I founded the business twenty-five years ago and has always had complete control of all matters other than the actual production...". Alec would have been aged 43 and presumably was the brother Bernard was talking about but why he was the sole employee left and why he was asked to seek employment elsewhere is not known one can assume though that this is probably why he and his wife went down to Exmouth.

He reputedly founded Moor Green Football club with Bernard and a man called George Fisher but this appears unlikely as he was only just born in 1901 and the official site says:

Moor Green FC was formed in 1901 when the players of Mosley Ashfield Cricket Club decided to form a football team so they had an activity during the winter months. The club mainly played friendlies and a few cup ties until they joined the Birmingham AFA in 1922, where they finished fourth in their first season.

He was a business man and as the youngest spoiled rotten causing much jealousy amongst the rest of the boys.