Albert Edward Jinks

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Born 19 August 1867
Occupation, Gem Maker
Married Louisa Ada Giles December 1892 Aston

Albert Edward Jinks was born in 1867 the son of John Jinks and Susan Ricketts. He had a much older brother James and then 13 years later along came John Thomas, Albert Edward and Mary Ann. His mother was 39 when she had him which was very old for a third child, one can only assume she suffered from miscarriages, still births or was ill for 10 years. No records of infant deaths can be found between the 2 eldest children but there was a baby (William George) born in 1865 who died 15 August 1866 at Coleman Street from Marasmus (literally wasting away) Matilda Ratford was present at the death. In 1881 at their premises in 3 Vale Place ( when he was 13 ) he was living with his mother, father and 2 siblings and his elder brother James was next door at number 4 with his young family. His father John had died by 1891 leaving the 23 year old with his mother Susannah who was now 62