Mathilde Roussel

Born: 24 April 1891
Died: 1970

Married: Ralph Vernon Margrett

Mathilde was born in France in 1891 and was engaged to a Frenchman sometime towards the end of WW1, unfortunately he was killed. She met Ralph while he was serving in France and he fell in love with her returning to be with her after the war had ended.

They, lived in Calais between 1918 and 1974 (when he died). In France Ralph worked for "dentelle of Calais" in the lace industry : responsible for installing and repairing 'lace making machines' built in England. But he was not always able to work, having taken some shrapnel in the head during WW1 and intermittently suffering with pain and tremours from it. In Calais he lived a playboy lifestyle and enjoyed gambling. They briefly returned to England during WW2.

They had 1 daughter, Nelly born in 1927, who was a "direction secretary" for a few years and spoke 2 languages. She married René Blanchet with whom she had at least 2 children : a son (Edward) in 1946 and a daughter (Claudine) in 1948. They divorced in the 1950's and he signed up as a soldier, to escape the sadness of the divorce. He was still living during the 1960's but the family lost contact.

She also had 2 other children called Nelly (aka 'Jackie', born 1949 ) and Henry (born 1952).

Nelly and Mathilde

Ralph, Mathilde and Nelly during WW2 in England

Mathilde aged about 40

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