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Hannah Boddington

Born: 1846 Died: 29 November 1929
Married: William Seymour 7 October 1866 at St Mary Bishophill the Elder York

Born in York to William Boddington, Combmaker, in the 1861 census she was living at 9, Beedhams Court, Micklegate, York with her father William from Kenilworth and mother Ellen from Ireland along with 2 other families one of whom was from Ireland (relatives?). She married William Seymour from Bishophill on 7 October 1866 at St Mary Bishophill the Elder in the presence of Charles and Emily Anderson. At the time of his marriage aged 20 she was living in Skeldergate. They had 8 children William was born out of wedlock in Skeldergate York in on 14 August 1862 with the name Boddington when she was only 17 and 2 of the remaining children died in childhood, William aged 10 in 1873 and Arthur, aged 11 in 1886. There is talk in the family that a child was born the product of an affair by the master of Buttercrambe Hall and one of his servants ... maybe Hannah was the servant.

She died aged 85 in the winter of 1929 at 49 Mayville Avenue, Scarborough from cerebral haemorage and chronic myocardial degeneration with her son Walter in attendance. Whose house this is is no known but Walters address was given as 57 Mayville Avenue, a few doors away.

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CHARLOTTE BODINGTON Christening: 10 JAN 1808 St Nicholas, Kenilworth
WILLIAM BODINGTON Christening: 03 MAR 1811 St Nicholas, Kenilworth
ANN BODINGTON Christening: 01 AUG 1813 Kenilworth
DAVID BODINGTON Christening: 09 FEB 1817 Kenilworth
ELIZABETH BODINGTON Christening: 03 NOV 1819 Kenilworth
HANNAH BODINGTON Christening: 08 JUL 1821 Kenilworth
MARY BODINGTON Christening: 08 JUL 1821 Kenilworth

WILIAM BODDINGTON married CHARLOTTE WESTBURY 13 November 1830 Rowington
JAMES BODDINGTON Christening: 28 SEP 1831 Kenilworth, Warwick
SARAH BODDINGTON Christening: 02 JUN 1833 Kenilworth, Warwick