Elsie Marjorie Margrett

Born December Quarter 1883
Married Charles Ethelbert Grainger in Ripon June quarter 1904

Born in Aston and known as Marjorie the daughter of Frederick Clitherow Margrett and Emma Augusta Ford. She ran away from home in her late teens because she was unhappy, her father had re-married in the summer of 1898 and maybe she didn't like the new regime! According to his family story, she arrived on York Station, knew no one and was befriended by the porter, Charles Grainger, who courted and subsequently married her in 1904. In 1901 aged 18 she was to be found in Well Charles' home village with the Reverend Moden, maybe she was taken there by the friendly porter and they took her in? Her new family became the Graingers and the only regular contact she had from home was with her family chauffeur Bill Berryman who used to arrive to visit in the Rolls Royce. She must have also kept in contact with her eldest brother Edward Thomas as his widow is in the photograph attached.

She saw a great deal of her daughter Peter and her family, both Peter and her husband worked in the family business so Marjorie used to go to their house in Harrogate every evening and get tea ready for them,

Elsie Marjorie married Charles Grainger in 1904 and had 4 children :
Freda, Marjorie, Joyce, and Phil
Freda (known as Peter) married Denis Jesper and had Charles and Susan
Marjorie married Biill Williams and had Michael and Daphne.
Joyce married Jim Bradshaw and had Judith and James
Philip married Lena no offspring

She finally died in 1978 on her 95th birthday, having had had a lovely day with all the family visiting. She got into the Jesper's car to go back to their house for a birthday tea and slumped forward from a heart attack, they rushed her to the nearest hospital but to no avail she was dead on arrival. Her son-in-law Denis Jesper (an engraver) survived her by only a month and died the following New Years Eve from cancer. Peter (Freda) died in 1991 aged 90 from old age having worked in the Jesper family business up until she was 80. The business diversified and became a stationers winning the retail Business of the Year Award in 2005.

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