Charles Allen

Born 1833
Profession ~ Jeweller
Married: Harriet Lloyd ~ June quarter 1855 ~ Kings Norton

Born in 1833 the third child of George Allen and Phoebe Cotrill. He married Harriet and worked as a jeweller, developing his business to the to the point where he was employing 7 people in 1881. This also started a family tradition and the next 2 generations of Allen boys worked as silversmiths, the tradition being broken in 1942 when George Terrance Allen was born and became an electrician.

In 1901 he and Harriet were living alone at 100 Church Rd, Aston and at 68 he was a Silver and Goldsmith working from home. it must have been a jewellery centre as virtually everyone on the census page were jewellers or elecro platers.